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January 28, 2013  •  6 Comments

Photo shoot with Dan Whitby from the Bolddog Lings FMX Team with his new Honda CRF450. Prepped and ready for the next two rounds of the Arenacross series!
Looking out of the window, expecting by some miracle that the UK would be bathed in sunshine and the standing water had evaporated….No chance! Motocross photography was most definitely off for yet another week. I was all set for taking the dog for a walk and the usual Sunday chores. Out of the blue, I get a text from Whitby “Hey man, the bike is complete and lookin’ pimpin’, do you fancy coming over for a shoot before Arenacross in Birmingham”. 
With only two days to go before he headed off, there wasn’t exactly much time, so with a quick recharge of camera batteries, I was off. A five mile trek with the dog wasn’t exactly doing it for me anyway!
Arriving at the Bolddog compound mid afternoon on a cold and windy January day wasn’t exactly photographer friendly. The thought of lighting equipment crashing to the floor put me a little on edge, so a few shots outside before moving into the heated workshop seemed like a good choice.
Dan Whitby, 29, one of the top UK freestylers is the manager and team rider for the Bolddog Lings FMX Team. He started riding motocross at the age of 5, racing at 12 and eventually moving into the world of freestyle. After braking his neck in 2002, you would think the last thing you would do is ride freestyle! It’s definitely not a sport for the faint hearted, but luckily there are riders out there who are prepared to take the risk…Not just for themselves, but for the pleasure of the viewing public. If you’ve never seen it, I suggest you do! You will appreciate the hard work and dedication it takes to ride freestyle as well as witnessing an awesome display that never fails to wow the crowds.
This year the Bolddog team, sponsored by Lings are riding the new Honda CRF450. Honda development technicians focused the new machine around the rider.  For 2013, the bike uses the sixth generation aluminium twin-beam frame, which has been built from the ground up retaining a focus on mass centralisation. It also features rigidity levels tuned in certain key areas to improve rider feel when landing from jumps, with revised geometry for increased front and rear traction, and turning ability.
Customised for their specific needs when riding FMX, the Lings Honda bikes are fitted with a suspension setup provided by FTR suspension. Additional help and support from Madison, Thor, Dunlop, Castrol, CTI knee braces, CGH imports for supplying Pro Circuit parts and DBR
Dan’s comments: "This year has been a whirl wind so far. Just before Christmas I was looking at a stock 2013 CRF450 sitting in a crate fed up with the bad weather. Now I’m two events down of the highly successful and entertaining Arenacross series riding alongside one of the world's best FMX riders, Andre Villa. Things are going pretty well! I can’t wait for the next 2 stops of the Arenacross series and then it’s out to Abu Dhabi  for 2 weeks and finally flying direct to Moscow for Top Gear Live. I can’t say enough about the new Honda, such an awesome bike and a massive thanks to Lings Honda and all the people who have helped me get this bike ready".
Dan will be riding a variety of shows and events this year around the world including Top Gear Live. He is currently half way through the Arenacross UK series. If you haven’t been,  it’s well worth going if you get the chance. More info can be found here Arenacross UK. Round 3 is the next stop on Saturday 2nd February 2013 at the LG Arena in Birmingham.
Motorcycle Photography by Julian Dann
copyright © 2013 Julian Dann Photography


Awesome! I'm going to arenacross tomorrow and I can't wait
Julian Dann Photography
Thanks for the comments. Just sorting out my gear and I'm off to Arenacross for round 3.
dave constance(non-registered)
love it!Dan thats got to be the coolest bike in the paddock by a mile.
Great pics
That top pic is so cool...I want one!!! I'm going to Arenacross at the weekend wooohoooo Buzzin
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